If You Spent a Fortune

following a star to find a newborn, then left him and his family gold and frankincense and myrhh and then were warned IN A DREAM to sneak away at night… wouldn’t YOU want to know what happened to the child?

You Would  Want To Know…

You might even leave a “man on the ground” to report back over the years as Messiah grew to manhood. He’d have to be compelled to know.  He’d have to be proven trustworthy.  He’d have to be interested too.  Say…maybe a shepherd who met the Savior the night he was born?


Well, You would.

This is the fictional story of someone who reported back to the Magi for over 30 years.  The authors explore his life, his times, his observations, his astonishment, and eventually his absolute faith.

History and faith intertwine in the life of a shepherd tasked by the Magi to bear witness to the Messiah’s ministry.

What was it like in His time?

See how His following grew.

Historical fiction at its best!

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