Why Should People
Read This Book?

It is a unique and creative perspective from the shepherd that was there at the time of Messiah’s birth, death, resurrection and beyond!  The book is imaginative and descriptive.

The following are comments made by the line editor as he worked on the manuscript:


What a rousing, engrossing first tale! Wonderful job.


Wonderful visual descripiton.


Stellar descriptive prose!


This is a wonderful dialogue sequence!


Wonderful imagery here!


Very effective foreshadowing in these chapters.


Beautiful descriptive prose.


A fitting ending to a wonderful story. Bravo!

What Our Readers Say:


Carolyn P.

This book is for everyone, no matter their faith or beliefs. It is an entertaining story whether or not you are religious. It spans the life of one of the shepherds present when Christ was born and follows his life and adventures as he embarks on his career as a shepherd and story keeper.

The travels and rituals of the time are interesting and the story progresses without being preachy or sappy.  You quickly become caught up in this young man’s life, the tragedies he encounters and the love he has for his family and friends.

If you have no faith, the book will be an entertaining work of fiction. If you already have faith, then the book will warm your heart with a story you know in a brand new way from a completely unique perspective.


Betty B.

  • Inspirational or historical fiction
  • Entertaining and inspirational

Chuck W.

I just had to let you know how much  I enjoyed your book, I literally could not put it down, read it in 3 days. Your story of our Lord & Savior’s life and resurrection through the eyes of a shepherd made me feel like I was there. This is an excellent book that everyone should enjoy.

Chuck Wigington, Owner

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Michael S.

Exquisite storytelling!

Scott G.

It’s the story of someone whose life was changed by the teachings and person of Christ. But in this fictional story we witness how this man’s life was impacted from being present as a shehpherd on that night the Messiah was born, to his eventual mission to reach his own scattered people with the good news of Jesus.

It is the same genre as Ben Hur; A man whose life was change by the person of Jesus Christ. The book is full of ancient themes, rituals, and practices of the people of the day, while never leaving the scared text of Holy Scripture.

The hero in the story isn’t perfect. That’s part of what makes this book so complete. He is a man that slowly, yet surely, “gets it”. And when he does “get it”, he recognizes that his journey isn’t over. In fact, it’s just begun.


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