What a coincidence!

While one man was trekking the Outback in Australia, another was commuting to his office on Madison Avenue in NYC. One was born and grew up in Auburn Heights, Michigan, the other born in Manhattan and grew up in the Bronx. These men could not have been more different in their upbringing, belief systems, careers and lifestyles.

So, what brought them together, coincidence or divine appointment? 

Well, these men do not believe in coincidence.

Meet The Authors

Arnie Wexler

Arnie Wexler, originally a native of New York City, has lived in west Tennessee for 40 years. Growing up Jewish he has added a unique perspective to The Magi’s Man.

His entire life Wexler has been writing poetry, short stories, and has been published in The Wall Street Journal and The Commercial Appeal. A voracious reader, researcher and student of the Bible, his interest in writing has grown.

In Arnie’s free time, he loves travel, cooking, spending time with his wife Joyce and all his family. This entrepreneur, army veteran and business consultant has found a renewed passion writing and teaching that the Old and New Testaments are one book. For years he has led a study Genesis to Revelation as and Elder at New Hope Christian Church.


Mark Cardona

Mark Cardona served in Christian ministry for over 29 years, pastoring churches around the U.S. and for 5 years in Brisbane, Qld, Australia. After resigning from ministry, he and his wife, Jana, bought a franchise of BNI (Business Network International) in 1999, which they operated in the West Tennessee and North Mississippi areas for 22 years.  

He has spoken to audiences across the globe as pastor, and has taught thousands the value of word-of-mouth marketing as a BNI Executive Director. 

His passion now is to spread the Gospel of Jesus through the written word. This book is the beginning of that endeavor with his co-author, Arnie Wexler. 

He lives with Jana, his wife of 52 years, in the Memphis area with their two children and 7 of 8 grandchildren

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